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Birch – River

Scientific Name : Betula nigra
Common Name : River Birch
Hardiness Zone : 4
Mature Height : 40’ – 50’
Mature Spread : 30’ – 40’
Life Span : up to 40 to 50 years
Soil Needs : Wet, Well-drained
Light Requirements : Full Sun
Foliage: Medium to dark green
Fall Color: Yellow to gold
Flower: Catkins, 2-3in.
Shape: Broadly pyramidal
Growth Rate: Medium to fast

Reasons to choose this species : Ornamental; Shade; Beautiful bark in winter; Tolerates wet soil and dry summers

River birch is a broadly pyramidal tree with dark green leave which turn golden yellow in the fall. In early spring catkins will appear and will shed as the leaves appear. It is grown as a single stem or clump. As it matures the bark begins to exfoliate and will be a cinnamon-brown color. This also creates winter interest. Very heat resistant. Resistant to bronze birch borer. Used as a specimen tree for parks, golf courses and yards.

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