Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Ornamental Shrubs

Here at the Ymker Greenhouse we carry 78 different varieties of shrubs. Take your time browsing our website, or call and talk to Marion at (605) 680-3224 for details on each variety or suggestions for your specific landscaping needs.

Download a list of shrubs here.

Hydrangea Spirea - Goldmound Pink Spirea - Golden Elf Dogwood - Ivory Halo
Almond - Pink Flowering (Prunus Glandulosa) Boxwood - Chicago Land Buckthorn - Fine Line Clethra - Vanilla Spice Summersweet
Clethra - Sixteen Candles Eucomis - Dark Star Azalea - Mandarin Lights Rhododendron Juniper - Old Gold Spiral
Mockorange - Snowbelle Ninebark - Summer Wine Spirea - Renaissance Spruce - Dwarf Globe on Standard
Willow - Nishiki Willow - Dwarf Arctic Magnolia - Royal Star Buckthorn - Tall Hedge
Azalea - Rosy Lights Rhododendron Glossy Black Chokeberry Dogwood - Bailey (Red Twig) Elderberry - Black Lace­™
Ninebark - Center Glow Sand Cherry - Purpleleaf Potentilla - Goldfinger Spirea - Goldmound
Spirea - Little Princess Sumac - Gro-Low Viburnum - American Cranberry Compact Alfredo Viburnum - Common Snowball
Weigela - Minuet Yew - Densiformis Juniper - Wilton Blue Rug Spruce - Bird's Nest
Pine Mugo - Slowmound Ninebark - First Editions™ Amber Jubilee™ Viburnum - Blue Muffin® Arrowwood Hedge Cotoneaster
Forsythia - Gold Tide Sumac - First Edition® Tiger Eyes® Lilac Bushes Barberry Shrubs
Dogwood - First Editions® Firedance™ Smokebush - Golden Spirit Honeysuckle - First Editions® Cool Splash® Dwarf Bush Pearlbush - First Editions® Lotus Moon™
Smokebush - Purple Supreme Forsythia - Northern Gold Ninebark - Dart's Gold Barberry - Dwarf Golden
Nanking Cherry Elderberry - Black Beauty™ Spirea - Snowmound Lilac - Prince Charming®
Lilac - Donald Wyman Lilac - Ludwig Spaeth Viburnum - Autumn Jazz® Arrowood Boxwood - Green Mountain

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