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What can you expect from our roses in South Dakota?

Roses, which are hardy in zone 5, will only survive the winter in South Dakota if they are planted in a protected area and/or covered. If you choose to grow the rose as an annual, you can expect a slightly smaller bush than the measurements on this site. Roses we sell which are extremely winter hardy include Miniature Nu Gold and Miniature Royal Ruby and any rose in the Easy Elegance series.

Floribunda, tea hybrid or grandiflora? What is the difference?

The first documentation of a hybrid tea rose was the ‘La France’ in 1867. Since then tea hybrids have been very popular. They are the product of hybridizing tea roses with hybrid perpetuals. Tea roses are thought to have been a large Asian climbing rose, which bloomed repeatedly throughout the year. Hybrid perpetuals were the first rose breeds of ancient English lineage bred to bloom repeatedly throughout the year. They tend to have a very upright growth habit. As floribundas and grandifloras have been developed, hybrid teas have begun to fall out of favor due to their higher maintenance and sparse foliage. They remain very popular in the floral industry.

Floribundas are a cross between hybrid teas and polyanthas. A polyantha is an Asian hybrid which blooms profusely and bears flowers less than an inch in diameter. Crossing hybrid teas and polyanthas created a smaller, bushier shrub than the hybrid tea. While their flowers are typically smaller than the hybrid tea, they look similar. The most positive effect of the crossing is the flowers cluster-forming habit, which creates much more color in the garden than the hybrid tea.

A grandiflora were hybridized in the 1950s. They are back-crosses between floribundas and hybrid teas, which do not fit into either category. They are known for their large flowers, which bloom in clusters of three to five. The growth habit of the plant is most often larger than both hybrid teas and floribundas.

Rose - Julia Child Rose - Twilight Zone Rose - We Salute You™ Rose - Above All™
Rose - Don Juan Rose - Iceberg Rose - Joseph's Coat Rose - Take it Easy™
Rose - Blue Girl Rose - Bride's Dream Rose - Double Delight Rose - Fragrant Plum
Rose - Full Sail Rose - Gold Medal Rose - In the Mood™ Rose - Let Freedom Ring™
Rose - Marilyn Monroe™ Rose - Mister Lincoln Rose - Octoberfest™ Rose - Oklahoma
Rose - Perfect Moment Rose - Pope John Paul II Rose - Smokin' Hot™ Rose - Strike It Rich®
Rose - Anna's Promise® Rose - Edith's Darling™ Rose - Pretty Lady Rose™ Rose - Violet's Pride™
Rose - Easy Does It™

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