Saturday, March 17, 2018

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The beautiful delphinium, a flower whose connotation matches its beauty, is native to the Northern Hemisphere and also high in the mountains of tropical Africa.

The word “delphinium” is derived from the Latin for dolphin because the flowers resemble the bottle nose of the dolphin. The delphinium is also known by the common name larkspur.

Delphiniums are perennials. They need at least four hours of sunlight a day. Their species vary in height from four inches to six feet, ranging in color from blue and purple to red, yellow and white. They are pollinated by butterflies and bumblebees. Most species are toxic; and a few are endangered.

When I think of the Larkspur, I think of the Alps. When I think of the Alps, I think of the Sound of Music. When I think of the Sound of Music, I think of the hills being alive. When I think of the hills being alive, I just need to dance. Who can resist being happy when they see a delphinium?

Delphinium - Magic Fountains Dark Blue with Dark Bee Delphinium - Magic Fountains Sky Blue Delphinium - Magic Fountains Cherry Blossom Delphinium - Blue Butterfly

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