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Annual Sun Plants

Full Sun

A plant that requires “full sun” generally requires at least six hours of direct sunlight in a day. We have designed our website by categorizing plants under three categories – sun, shade and part shade. We have placed each plant under the category where it will grow best. However, if the plant can also tolerate other conditions, we have listed it in the plant details. I.e.

Exposure : Sun, Part Shade

An annual plant is a plant that germinates, grows, flowers and dies in one growing season. Annuals are great choices for the parts of your flower beds that you would like to rotate each year. They are a great choice to add color to your garden all season long.

There are many easy-to-care for annuals. Great choices for beginning gardeners, include: petunias, vincas, geraniums and pansies.

But if you want to have a more exotic flower bed, do not fret. We carry nearly 650 varieties of annuals from about 135 species. So feel free to browse our site, or head on over to our nearest location for a selection of flowers exceeding your every expectation.

Petunias Alyssum (Sweet Alyssum) Vinca Dahlias
Gerbera Geraniums Cassia - Popcorn Gypsophila - Gypsy Deep Rose
Zinnia Scaevola (Fan Flower) Cuphea Duranta - Gold Edge
Salvia Marigolds Mecardonia Melampodium - Million Gold
Bacopa Portulaca Acalypha Amaranthus
Angelonia Argyranthemum Calibrachoa Celosia
Coleus - Sun Cordyline Bougainvillea Dianthus
Diascia Dracaena Euphorbia Gazania
Gomphrena Helichrysum Nasturtium Bidens
Bracteantha Heliotrope Ipomea - Sweet Potato Vine Verbena
Kalanchoe - Desert Rose (Red Lips) Lantana Laurentia Lisianthus
Mandevilla Nemesia Nicotiana Osteospermums
Pentas Phlox Plectranthus Pseuderanthemum
Ptilotus - Joey® Snapdragons Sunpatiens Thunbergia
Ageratums Aster Cleome Coreopsis
Cortaderia Cosmos Dusty Miller - Silver Dust Eucalyptus - Silver Drop
Evolvulus - Blue Daze German Ivy - Green Lobularia Mirabilis - Limelight
Salpiglossis (Trumpet Flower) - Royale Mix Talinum - Limon Glechoma - Hederacea Lophospermum
Monkey Flower (Mimulus aurantiacus) Muehlenbeckia (Creeping Wire Vine) - complexa Petchoas Stock
Hedera (English Ivy) Brachycombe Plectranthus - Variegated (coleoides)

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